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You're not alone on the vision loss journey.

What is a good working definition of blindness?

In our society, if you cannot drive or read standard print, you are functionally blind.

How do doctors define blindness?

There are two legal definitions of blindness. One definition has to do with central acuity and the other measures the amount of remaining peripheral vision. The legal definitions determine whether an individual qualifies for services.

How many people does this affect?

The American Community Survey cites over 60,000 people in Washington State between the ages of 18 and 64 reporting difficulties with their vision. The 2010 census data shows 62,697 individuals reporting a visual difficulty, with 27,205 of those with visual difficulties reporting as employed, 4,785 unemployed, and 30,708 not in the labor force.

Fortunately, you live in a state that offers support to live life to the fullest and a strong community of people to encourage you as you move forward.

Myths about blindness that hold people back

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