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Get connected in 2018 online and offline

We are just a phone call away

Jump right into the chatter--join one of our state forum calls from the comfort of your home. These calls are held every month and focus on topics such as technology, health, employment, and even a book club. For call information go to the Forum Center. Check the WCB calendar for dates and times.

For timely information call the WCB Buzz Line: (800) 255-1147

Puget Sound Braille Challenge and Student Summit

WCB is preparing to host the Braille Challenge to encourage braille literacy and a summit for students and parents. Contact Meka White if you are interested in fundraising. We also need proctors who are certified in Unifed English Braille (UEB).

Leadership Seminar and Institute

The Washington Council of the Blind offers a weekend of Leadership Training every spring and year-long training in the Institue. This is a great way to meet and talk with the leadership. South King sends two people every year. The American Council of the Blind also offers a day of Leadership Training just before covnention.

Other ways to connect

ListServe volume is fairly low and the lists are moderated. Social media is another way to get timely information that affects the lives of people experiencing vision loss.

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