News for December 2017

Woman holding putter
Lanae Naugle takes aim for the castle gate
during a Burien Lions indoor golf event.

Pumped for 2018

WCB Leadership Training begins in January

Call the WCB Buzzline at (800) 255-1147 for learn more.

Christmas Luncheon

Thank you to Classic Eats in Burien for the great service. Small turnout but we had a grea time. No one won the Ace of Spades game. The pot is even bigger now. Don't miss your chance at the January meeting!

In January we meet at Federal Way Denny's on 320th

Our next regular meeting is Saturday, January 13, from 1 to 3 p.m. in the backroom. The address is 2132 S. 320th Street. The restaurant is just around the corner from the Federal Way Transit Center and acroos the street from The Commons Mall.

This chapter is a very proud sponsor of King County's first baseball team for the blind: the Seattle South King Sluggers

We are lloking forward to our sixth season and are looking for a practice field in Kent.

The Beep Baseball World Series was in West Palm Beach, Florida. Our Sluggers improved in the standings. With the number of teams expanding in Washington State we hope to host the World Series in 20201..

Check out the Alaska Dispatch news coverage.

To donate or volunteer go to the Sluggers website.