Chef Cabrera shows cutting techniques.
In 2012, SKB sponsored a cooking workshop
for visually-impaired kids with
blind chef Jackie Cabrera.

Annual dues are only $15

Such a deal! You become a member of our chapter, the Washington Council of the Blind, and the American Council of the Blind. If you would like to be contacted about the chapter, please call Gaylen Floy at: (253) 217-9586. Let her know the best way and time to connect with you.

Top ten benefits in joining the Council

  1. Your membership counts with those doing legislative work and structured negotiations
  2. You connect with positive, active people across our state and nation through social, supportive events, and business meetings
  3. You partner with many others taking appropriate action regarding relevant issues
  4. You belong to an organization providing college scholarships to visually-impaired students
  5. You find out what’s happening at the national level through a free monthly publication
  6. You stay on top of events across our state through a quarterly publication
  7. You can develop your leadership skills through our annual leadership training seminar
  8. Your voice is heard and you help set the direction at the state and national levels
  9. You can apply for first-timer’s scholarships to attend conventions
  10. You can apply for interest-free loans for the purchase of technology

Why support this particual consumer organization?

"The Council provides a unique voice in the blindness community. With regard to rehabilitation, we advocate for informed choice--the individual decides what works best for them, not a rehabilitation professional. One size does not fit all." -- Jeff Thom, 1st Vice President, ACB