Eric at the podium
Eric Bridges,
Executive Director
of the American
Council of the Blind,
participated in an
undercover taxi
discrimination story
that the D.C. CBS
affiliate conducted.

Legislative action center

Call to Action: the Macy Cogswell Act

Your call can help prevent visually-impaired kids from getting lost in the educational system. Get the facts about this vital legislation at

All Council members are activists. We are on the frontline, moving together and speaking with one clear voice to create legislative and regulatory changes that benefit people living with vision loss and their families. Below you will find useful resources. Fact sheets on hot issues will be posted on this page as they arise. If you have questions, please contact WCB's Legislative Chair Denise Colley at (360) 438-0072.

Legislative hotline in Olympia? TOLL-FREE HOTLINE: 1-800-562-6000

Register to vote in Washington State

Find your legislator

Find your Congressmen

Information for Voters with Disabilities

The Secretary of State offers resources so you can vote independently and privately.

Washington State Legislature Home Page

This site helps you track bills and find a list of legislators, their committees, districts, counties, and legislative assistants.

Washington State Human Rights Commission

This Commission offers help with filing a complaint, and help with employment and fair housing issues.

Legislation passed with the help of the Council and NFB